9th May 2018

Slightly concerned that mum is still losing weight. The home are considering putting her onto milkshakes to try to assist with eating. Consequently now whenever I visit I am making sure that I take her out for a nutritious meal. Fortunately she seems relaxed in my company and will eat a reasonable amount, although she finds it tiring. She made a good effort today. Polished off a whole Salmon steak with some new potatoes and green beans, half an apple pie and a small amount of apple juice. Its very hard to get her to hydrate as she will refuse liquids. However, when she eats properly her mood is greatly enhanced and engages with the stroke choir more actively. And enjoys a couple of Oreo chocolate biscuits with a few sips of tea afterwards.

25th April 2018

Mums voracious appetite has declined somewhat over the last few months and she’s lost rather a lot of weight so I’ve been taking her to places to feed her up as she seems to have a good appetite when she is in my company, plus I am on hand to prompt, cut into bitesized chunks and load up forks. As you can see here she finished off a whole Seabass with new potatoes and green beans, plus half an apple pie with ice cream, plus managed to drink half a glass of apple juice. We popped back to the home for a quick change and then went on to the stroke choir to sing some familiar songs where we received a warm welcome. We use a wheelchair friendly cab company and venues with wheelchair access.