24th June 2018

A lovely day at Cannon Hill Park.

The weather was beautiful with a cloudless blue sky and a lovely cool breeze, 

We nibbled feta salad and sipped herbal teas,

Afterwards we found a secluded shady spot underneath some trees,

Where mum could watch children playing with their families. 


Some of you may already know that it is extremely difficult to get mum to hydrate as she will often refuse liquids or maybe only take a few sips, which is not enough to hydrate in such hot weather. After a day of hardly drinking anything, when we returned to the home I gave mum one of my small bottles of water with a reusable straw in the top and she was easily able to hydrate herself without prompting. I am wondering if it has something to do with accessibility, tea cups are made of heavy china with narrow finger holes and are maybe awkward to lift to ones lips, however a light plastic bottle with a straw sticking out the top is easier to navigate perhaps? It may also have something to do with the fact she absolutely hates being changed. Since I returned to visiting weekly mums weight appears to have stablised. It’s just a co-inky-dink you say? No I don’t think so. Mum was putting on weight (see photos of this time last year) but went into decline after October which is when I started my Masters of Arts and wasn’t able to travel up to Bham so frequently. Mum shines when she is with me, and she is all smiles. However July is end of term crits, tutorials and our end of year show so unfortunately I can’t visit as frequently this month. So if any of mums previous friends/family have any available time to pop in for a visit, please do so. If you do please use the water bottle and straw technique to prompt her to hydrate. Many thanks.