Saturday 4th November 2017

It was too cold to go outside today so we sat on the sofa in the lounge holding hands watching the ‘Paddington Bear’ movie together. Most of the residents except for one had retired to their rooms so we were completely absorbed in the movie. I had not seen anything Padding Bear related since the books and short animated cartoons as a child and it was refreshingly funny, the movie had us both in stitches. So pleased to hear that there is a PB2 movie coming out… More films like ‘Paddington Bear’ Please that are family friendly!!

Another movie that we once watched together in the nursing home that had a similar timelessness effect was the 1966 Morcambe and Wise movie; ‘That Riviera Touch’, also very funny!

6th September 2017

A busy afternoon starting with a trip to the Museum of Art to see the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition stopping for a pot of herbal tea at the Edwardian Cafe before continuing on to the Stroke Choir

10th August 2017

A lovely day out at Canon Hill Park, we were blessed as the sun came out just as we got there

3rd August 2017

A lovely day out with Lemurs and Meercats, and a little catch-up cat-nap afterwards